Last Play Training approach to strength & condition is a performance driven training. Last Play Training programs join amateur athletes with former and current professional athletes conducting sports clinics promoting self-esteem, discipline, teamwork and education. With Last Play training each week will include an educational symposium aimed at assisting athletes with their transitions through high school, university and beyond. At Last Play training we pride ourselves on helping our athletes obtain their goals by providing them with the latest training and mentorship techniques that are proven to get results.

For boys and girls ages 8 to 16 who are looking to improve their athletic skills.  We offer one on one and small group training to help improve speed, agility, strength & conditioning, explosiveness and overall performance.

"No Days off"  Training



Dear LPT Training,

The program was physically great in terms of teaching fundamentals of any sport such as positioning, strength, agility, conditioning and techniques. You guys provided amazing advice that I will be sure to use in my future as a student athlete and a student leader. Also, the words given helped condition me mentally as the workout did physically.


Great job, Really appreciated it!

LPT Student Athlete

Your actions today, will be what they talk about tomorrow, which ultimately becomes your his-tory!


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